Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Nurulaini's new born baby

hak... at last Nurul delivered. Yesterday ~2.45pm, a 2.5kg baby boy was delivered in Ipoh Government Hospital. Both mother and baby were healthy. Congrats, Nurul.
And off cause i am so KPC
lo... since i waited with her DH outside the labour room from (1230noon
till 430pm) so just wait till she was in the wad too. And yes, baby successfully latch on his first suck on 730pm! Yippy... Why so late? Both mother and baby were slept during 2.45 - 730pm, cause by the jab - Pethidine again lo!
Baby nick name - FaKhorJah. After Fatiha, Khor (me) and Dijah name. hehe...

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