Thursday, 30 August 2007

Jazz's birthday

Who is Jazz? is the youngest tiger in Lost World of Tambun. He just 2 year old and born in 31 August 2005. Merdeka Tiger! My head of unit and i were invited to his birthday party yesterday. What a weird experience - celebrating tiger's birthday! haha...
You know what - the tiger sitter was a young man call Zul. He is not a vet nor graduate from animal science but a technician who works in Lost World few years ago. He never thought that can be a tiger sitter but since pasang wayar near the tiger cage everyday, till he "felled in love" with the tiger and tahdah... he become the tiger sitter. haha...
he is very hard working person and really love the tigers (total 8
tigers). Never asked for leaves or MC (cause every 6 month will get one
vaccine jab) and he was 24 hrs on call.