Thursday, 1 November 2007

Workshop on CSF

Knew what is CSF? Classical Swine Fever, cause by virus and won't infected human (don't worry!) but almost 100% mortility on swine (pig loh!)!
The workshop just ended 31 Oct 2007. And my group - Chew, No Na, Sharifah Fatimah, Norian, Mag, Peter, Zaini, Khadijah and Fiza, all were so good and ready to work as team. I was so angry when i was assign to hadle the workshop. They (HQ) gave it to me on 27 Oct! Layout, certificate, name tag, etc... hak... have not done yet. And my so call "advisor" from my place Dr J, he told me everything will be done by HQ! But when he was away (still can go for holidays in Eygyp!), HQ told us that we need to prepare everything. @#$%&*... According to the commitee group, Dr R should be handle all these things. Don't know what to say lah, she is a senior, ok... suppost to knew a lot of things, right? She is a Ph D holder (according to one of the VO here), should knew how arrange things nicely before workshop, right? but ho... she is out! I won't pety her for arrange the 60 folders by herself till 3 am, she should knew how to use man power in my institute, right? My team can prepare the 70 name tag from a to Z in 2 hours time only, see how powerfull lah! She even can use the name of the head to ask to go for meeting at 930pm! The meeting was till 1030 pm. She can request us to stay and help her to clip and arrange the folder (she haven't finished yet!), sorry la, i told her my son is going to bed liao, i need to be home liao. So bye bye! The folder was prepared by my team and the help of Dr Raymond (participant) in the next morning. She didn't turn up during the registration session too. She atill can go fer her breakfast, chit chat, etc. Leave us mati like this. Hello, she is the so call important person leh (according to her lah! Everything "must" go through her first!). Didn't wish Good Morning too. What should i say? speechless!
But at last the workshop was conducted successfully la. The President of the workshop satisfy, private sector also ok. So ok lah...
Thank to my team - Chew, No Na, Sharifah Fatimah, Norian, Mag, Peter, Zaini, Khadijah and Fiza again!

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