Tuesday, 27 November 2007

Jing, your eyes will grow mold!

My mother went to Paris so my FIL have to take care of her since school holiday already started. School holidays started, she asked me to buy her some exercise book, such as colouring book, writing, story book, etc... so i did bring her to book store and she just pick whatever book she want. She told me that she will do the book that she have bought, i just believe her lah. She was so sincere mah.
Already one week, i called my FIL, according to him, first 2, 3 days wah... so hard working, she was doing her home works. but after that she fight with grandpa - ASTRO! DH working, i am not around, she was in front of the TV all the time till daddy get home.
When i return last Saturday, she just kept quiet - mean she was in front of TV all the time lah. If i kept asking again, she said i am so noisy, why like to nag to her? Oh... my god, kids nowadays! I told her if she kept on watching TV again, for sure her eyes will grow mold! and she believe it! haha...

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