Friday, 23 November 2007

"Kota" sudah cukup!

I am working in government sector so off cause lah i have a lot of Malay friends, include my colleagues too.
Yesterday when we go out for lunch we saw a road block at the opposite side. Three of us were so surprise, wah!
rood block at middle of the road and so unusual place! After 1/2 hour
when we pass through that road, "eh... no more road blockleh!"
You know what both my colleague said:" Aiya... Raya sudah nak sampai mah dan "kota" untuk hari sudah cukup!"
I was so surprise when they told me that! Means both of them was so "knowledgeable" and knew what means to "fair".
I am so proud to have such friends which never told me that government doing nothing to "help them".

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Anonymous said...

Sudah faham mehhh..semua orang sudah tau maa. hehe
A fact is a fact kan?
Takkan I mau tipu you..hehe

-yang best