Tuesday, 3 July 2007

The Success!

I been working at here almost 3 years, but ho... actual working days is
less than 1 year! Why? Because previously i was under a very "qia lat" bos.
She "hates" me, till now! Never understand why! Just because my
qualification is higher than her, i have experience on my works (same
what i have done for my Master lo.), more friendly than her (at least i
will wish other Good Morning - she did complain to my big big boss that
i didn't greet her woh!)...
Never understand her. Now i in other unit, with this senior boss, what
.. she is good, nice, friendly, welling to teach (previous one, em...
never teach me one, scare that i will be "clever" than her quah!)... She will support what i am trying to do. Off cause la, i need to submitted to her my proposal.
I just "transfer myself" to here, em... 2 months. I can coming out with one paper liao! I am going to present it on the coming 19th Veterinary Association Malaysia Congress. See, i am actually working now leh! And the feeling of such success... wah.... not even can describe with words lah!

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