Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Ipoh famous Poh Piah.

The first photo showed the famous poh piah in Ipoh. I love it! This the traditional poh piah. All hand made, include poh piah kulit! Inside the poh piah, u can find, sos XX (don't now but i guess is tau cheo sos.), green veges, crab meat, seng kuang, cucumber, fried onion, and fried scrimp. Like spicy just add one more layer of grind sos chili. Best leh! The fried udang kering very nice, you can't find in other place. Even poh piah in Melaka (near by the famous chicken rice ball.) also not as tastier as this one. I can took 4 pieces as my dinner. hehe...
The second photo showed you the Ah Pek selling Poh Piah. Quite blur? i am not dare to take his photo la. He is very garang. You want to buy, you have to Q-up and wait. Very crowded and each of them order at least 4 pieces. Ah Pek can prepare 14 pieces per one round. Hebat leh!
Place: Near the blue church in Ipoh Garden/Canning Garden, Ipoh.
Time: Saturday and Sunday. Monday? See your luck loh!
Price: RM2.00 per piece but only RM3.30 per 2 pieces.

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