Friday, 6 July 2007

Ego Seniour!

I think i did mention this "peacock" before in previous post. Yesterday was our monthly R and D meeting, and it's my turn to present my work. This "peacock" was there!!! A big big big... surprise to everyone because she never attend since 1st R and D meeting. She thought this was a "cheap plak" R and D presentation only, she only will present her work in "international" seminar, not even local seminar or congrass.
You know what? She only will commend when it's my turn and Lee's turn! "benggang betul" !!!
The question she asked: " What do you need to do this project?" Off cause i have my strong reason to do it la, if not what is the use of doing research. To other who know me, actually she want to ask me what am i doing in Parasitology unit! Since i "transfer" myself from her unit to this new unit! She was so %$#!*@... i think.
To Lee, people already explained what can not do further research bacause of contaimination of cell line. She kept telling him how to do the work! em... i wonder is she lishen to our presentation?
Then she just walk away after presentation of us. This is she lah...

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