Friday, 15 February 2008

During chinese new year....

#1 - CNY eve and Tuan Yuan Fan,

Jing: When is CNY eve?
Mom: Today. why?
Jing: I want to eat Tuan Yuan Fan.

During dinner,
Jing: What is Tuan Yuan Fan?
Mom: bra, bra, bra... I explain from 1 to 10 loh...

#2 - Cheong Sum,

First day of CNY,

Jing: Mom, do i have Cheong Sum?
Mom: Yap, grandpa bought you one.
Jing: Yeah...

As my daughter likes Cheong Sum and during CNY it's a MUST to wear it.

# 3 - Ang Pao,

Jing: I don't want ang pao...
Mom: Why not? Ang pao mean you can grow up fast fast and guai guai
Jing: Ok, thanks uncle (or aunty) and gong xi gong xi.

Return to mommy,
Jing: Am i taller now?

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