Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Air Terjun at Junjung, Kedah

I have a dream - i want to own an organic farm! I wish to plant myself! Hehe... You can order vege from me, next time. So, i started searching for land right now. Nearby my house, Mengkuang empangan, but the water is from Sungai Muda, not from the hill - not qualify. Then my DH recommended Junjung, Kedah. Water from Banjaran Malaya.

Here are photo i took. But not qualify too, because it's the area land owner plant durian tree means the soil been contaminated by the synthetic fertilizer. I bought 2 durians on the way back, wah!!! Excellent, man!

Jing and Yang enjoy themselves very much. First, both of them refuse to jump into the water. See, how "deep" the water is.

My Jing still ok, when i bring her into the water. But Yang... He almost cry after stay less than 3 minutes! So chicken!

I still searching around Junjung. Success contacted a property agent, ask him to find better i. Pray for me, my friend, hope that i can get it as soon as possible!

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