Thursday, 31 July 2008

How to choose Kindergarten

I wonder what's the present "roles" to choose a kindergarten for our kids.

To DH and I,
1) Environment must clean
2) Less student in whole kindergarten
3) Play and Learn
4) Less homework
5) Not coloring section in class (wasting time - as coloring can do it at home.)
6) Have craft class
7) Only learn what should be learn at their age
8) Healthy food served

How about you?

So i found 1 in Bukit Mertajam. It's a branch from The Bridge's learning Centre in Damansara and 1 in Ipoh, Young Explorer.

These are the only place that the teacher told me that they won't force student to learn and write at age 4. Age 4 is the stage that a kid learn their hand motor skill only. Not to force them to write as much as possible. The teacher only will let the student to hold pencil when the kid "show" their interest in "holding" a pencil and start to write.

As i am searching kindergarten for Yang in Ipoh, I found the terrible fact in Ipoh - age 4 need to write a lot and have a lot of coloring class.

Why must force a 4 years old kid to write? I am thinking of if my Yang start to write from age 4, means he has to write 3+6+5+2+4 = 20 years!!! (until university!) wah oh wah... Crazy lah...

But, nowadays parent want their to write and write and write... A lot of parents feel proud when their kids showed and telling their parents that they knew everything the teacher teach when in Standard 1. The kids learn before in kindergarten mah. But i am worry! They will feel bore in standard 1 or 2, and started to "slow down" in the process of learning.

Are you agree?

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Anonymous said...

Hi,could you let me know where is young explorer in bukit mertajam, can you give me the contact details, thanks