Wednesday, 23 July 2008

Cloning another you??

Anyone in Klang Valley, if you are interesting to the above seminar, please attend. But need to pay RM70 for non-member!

I wonder if i have another "I"? I want to be clone when i am getting old BUT with the term - the clone must clone together my memory!!! (Possible? May be, because every single cell have their own memory!) Then the second "I" can continue my "journey"... Oh... must clone another DH too or search for another?! LOL

Dolly was the old story since 1997. I found some article in TIMES magazige - please read Dolly, The Sheep on March 10 1997 and Human Cloning on Feb 19 2001.

And also i read from another side - You will understand what is clone and others too.

Hm... good ha!

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