Friday, 6 June 2008


Yang can talk a lot now. Although not in full long sentences yet, but at least he "learn" from what he heard. He learn a lot from Jing. may be kid with kid communication is much more effective than we, adult teaching a kid.

When i reached babysitter house,
Yang:" Den wo (wait for me). Take milk bottle."
Then he will run to take his bottle.

Now my house owner had her confinement at home, he has a didi (younger brother) at home. Every night,
Yang:" go home, got didi" Then he crapped his hand.
Mommy:"Where is didi?"
Yang:" at house."
Mommy:" not at house, but at home."
Yang:" At house."
Mommy:" No, at home."
Yang:" No, at house."
Mommy:" Yang, wrong sentence. At home."
Yang:" ken papa jiang." (Complain to daddy!)
and he stop talking to me.

Every night, before sleep,
Yang:" Mommy, phone nee? Wan call papa."
Then no matter how busy i am, i have put all the things down and make a call to his papa. If papa called first, he have sixth sense that that call is from papa.

Every night, when reached Ipoh home,
Yang:" Mommy, i wan Yakult."
Then he will run to the fridge, open it and took 1 bottle Yakult and flax seed oil.
I feed his 1 spoonful of flax seed oil and he will drink his Yakult after.
Yang really knew how to enjoy himself - he will turn on the TV while drinking that bottle of Yakult! He will throw the empty bottle by himself too. Good boy.

Em... Yang is growing up liao, no more a baby any more.

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