Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Good to have "kakak" - Maid!

I used to asked for a maid to clean my house every time when i feel i can't / no time to clean the whole house liao. Paid by day. Last Sunday just asked for 1. Usually Jing won't border there was a maid or not, but this time...

Here is the conversation between DH and Jing during dinner.

Jing:" Why we don't have a maid at home?"


Jing:"She can do a lot of things mah."

DH think for while and reply:" If we have a maid, she only will help mom mom doing house works."

Jing smile sengih-sengih and reply:"em... ok...."

The conclusion - Jing thought if DH get me a maid mean "kakak" can help her "do" a lot of things/works! She is planning liao if daddy said soon we will have a maid! So DH said need to "review" again whether need to get a maid bo?!

Em... Jing.... Oh Jing.....

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