Friday, 8 June 2007


hai...again the H5N1 outbreak... Means i need to standby to process to the tests. But so far i am still proceed on my research work only, not yet been calling.
Everyone should knew that these are team work, right? but ho... the head of that unit (i called her peacock, always so "beautiful" as she makeup, spray tonne of perfume,tudung sure matching with her cloths, branded, etc!), do not what to say... She is the type of person, when come to "benefit" she will claim all the works was done by her only. And our Director believe on her ONLY! so unfair, right? From processing the pooled organ to molecular work, she claimed that all done by her! everyone seem so benggang about her, but what to do, OUR DIRECTER ONLY "SEE" HER IN THE WHOLE TEAM!
We all just let her be la, God will see and knew what she have done!
Can you image how "jahat" she is. She asked a pregnant woman to go to farm to collect sample! really, #$%&NGD#@@~(*..... Yes, although the pregnant woman is officer at your unit but there are still other officers even lab assistants in the whole institute, please la!
Oh... BTW, it's true she don't trust on other unit staff, as i said before ONLY SHE IS THE BEST!

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