Monday, 4 June 2007

Jing - good girl

My Jing seem understand what i try to tell her. Went to see her teacher on 26th June, and i asked her teacher whether she has change her temper recently? and YES, her teacher also notices that. So i just tell my Jing what teacher to her. And she also agree what i said. (although she also agree don't mean she won't behave like that.) And since then when she start to "show", i just inform her. Already 1 week pass liao, seem like she is behave better now. Thanks, god!
Knew what we try to do? 1st, reduce her sweet" food intake. Child who like to eat sweet food than to have bad temper. 2nd, reduce watch TV program especially carton channel. 3rd, i have to always remind her and tell her more moral story lo.

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