Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My Yang

It's about him again...

Every morning,

"Yang, it's time to wake up."
"em... mommy, i want nen nen." with his eye closed.
"nah. I bath while you drink your milk. When you finished drinking come to bath room, ok?"
He will knock his head.
But ho... after he finished his milk, he just hold his bottle with his hand and continue to sleep.

"Yang,wake up loh."
no response.
"Yang,wake up."
No response.
"Yang, wake up." - higher tone!
"em....." with the eyes closed)
"Yang, wake up." - higher tone!
"Em......"- louder sound.
"Yang, wake up!" - highest tone!!!
Reaction 1: "Hm.... ok ok...." then walk to bath room.
Reaction 2: " I don't want to go to school. I want to sleep." Then off cause i still in highest tone!
Reaction 3: "Can i wear this (pyjamas) to school?" Then just need to look at him,he will walk to bath room.
Oh... both of us go to bed at 10pm and slept at 1030pm. Bedtime story and some "private" communication between he and i.

Why boy like that one ha? Jing never do that before.

Now i understand why my hubby "insist"want girl! LOL


little prince's mummy said...

Wear pyjamas to school? haha...

Moo mommy said...

Yang will has a lot of reason if he don't want to do something.