Friday, 30 January 2009

Genting Trip during CNY - 1

OK,this year a bit different. Whole family (with DH's aunt family) went to Genting during 1st day of CNY, because DH's cousin can't come home during CNY, need to work as she handled the Happy Shaolin project.

We stay in Awana. Quick nice. Apartment type, so that we can cook ourselves. Chinese must having dinner together during CNY and eat at home can chit chat longer time mah.

First day, due to check in at 3pm so we didn't went to Genting Theme Part just went to Temple Cheng Swee after gathering dinner.

Yang was so excited because he never watch any "show" from China. LOL Yang so "ang mo"!

Luckily the weather was so nice, we can see the view very nice. And there have exhibition selling things from China, some local reptiles and local organic and herbs store. We bought some organic fruits and herbs. I love the organic ginger, very nice, less fibre and very big.

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LittleLamb said...

Happy Chinese NEw Year...