Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Polis in Malaysia... and kedekut owner...

I worked in government area,so i gang with lot of Malays. Luckily in my unit, they are ok - not "close" minded type.

Ok, I was away from Ipoh house during Raya holiday. 30 Sept, 2.30pm i leaved my Ipoh house. And I received owner call at 430pm asking me wither i close the gate or not. The gate is open - someone went into the house!!! I have to return to Ipoh again loh!!!

At 545pm i reached the Ipoh house. Owner said he has made a call to Gerakan Ipoh and they send someone to the house. BUT, this police asked my owner to take the photos by himself then he bla... Ok, then my owner took the photo by himself. After that her wife started to clean the house.

I lost 1 box of skin care and 1 box of cosmetic! Ah...what the thief want to do with that leh? Hadiah Raya untuk wife dia? Just i felt sad because the boxes were so unique, gift from my hubby... %$@@&*^%...

My owner lost a bunch of house keys. So that night all the lock have to change lo.

What i benggang again - when i make the report to the police station, the police officer ask me to wait because he want to "buka puasa"! Ok, for what i understand, he can just drink some water then continue his works. Since he is a gov staff, never mind loh... low mark in SKT - won't die what, may be just get transfer only mah... I didn't say anything, let him lah if he think that he was doing the right thing!
Second, when my owner and i try to explain to him, he just ha..ha.. then make his own personal call asking about his makan, minum...
Third, the inspector also 1 kind... since i make report in Bercham so need a inspector to go the house and have a look but after the first policeman dinner, the call to the inspector can't get through ... nobody answer!!! If someone half death, think he must be mati liao lah... After quite sometime when get to him he can said he can't come now, because another bigger case waiting for him. Same pecah rumah but lost car, my one just minor only!!! Oh... Ya, and since we already took the photos.

Ok, we just went home and wait. By that time already 830pm i still not yet having my dinner! I bath and took my dinner and wait till 930pm, then i asked my owner to wait for him. I am going back to BM liao. Don't know my owner wait until what time leh?

My owner put on alarm on that Saturday afternoon, and the thief came again on that middle of night! Luckily have alarm. And knew what my owner said, he put on alarm FOR me (FOR me !!!), so he increase RM50 rental!!! %$#@~&*^... I am moving out by end of this month! Actually, i should asked him to pulang balik my lost - because he so kedekut to put on one more lock to the sliding door, that's why the thief can get in so easily.

Now every nighti slept with pushing the bed to block the door!

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KittyCat said...

You poor thing...you must have been so worried all alone there. Ya, I would move out also if I were you. Can't you move near to babysitter's house?