Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Jing's first tooth!

Jing complained that her tooth was "shaking" on Wednesday. I thought just kidding, because she just 5 years 5 months only! Too soon?

When i return to BM on Saturday, she started to complained she was pain whenever she "touch" that tooth.

So i decided to be her "personal dentist" (FOC mah...LOL). Actually she refused to visit the dentist.

I never removed any single tooth by myself or my mom before, but still have to do so leh. She asked me to prepare an ice cube for her. She knew that ice can stop breeding if so. Then i use kitchen towel to hold her tooth.

First trial - can't remove yet. So tried again...
Second trial - op... breeding, i was so scare liao, i want to stop actually, but my Jing ho..." mommy, one more trial, see it's coming out!"
Third trial - success!!! And very fast she put the ice cube on top of it to stop breeding.

She was so happy because it's not hurting her any more. I think it's irritating because something is "shaking" inside the mouth.

Then she started to call her grandma, grandpa, grand aunt... to inform everyone that she is "bo geh"(no tooth!)now! Haha...

She was so brave!!! Good girl!


KittyCat said...

She is SO brave! And Mummy too! For cases like this, I think I'll let Hubby handle...I may just pengsan :S

Moo mommy said...

ha... she refuse and insist want me to do so. Have to loh...