Wednesday, 1 April 2009


Both my kids love painting. Especially Jing. She has been asking me to buy the water color for year,just i don't think she is ready yet. But ho... she success to pursuit DH to buy for her when she went shopping with DH.

On Saturday,

Today, mummy is busy. Mummy need to go out to buy baby's things because it's Anakku sale day. I bring Yang together. When i returned... Jing is painting. Daddy said she wants to. (Actually ho, DH "lazy" to entertain her by read her a book, teach her in maths, play with her... I just knew it!) Then Yang want to join too. Both of them are first time "playing" with water colour.

Jing said DH draw her a view picture. (Ha? My DH can draw? What i knew was he always fail in act during secondary school.) But Jing still accept it.
Yang said he want a picture same as Jie Jie. I just draw for him la. But later he said he want a crocodile.

Here were their finished paint.

From Jing

Yang's crocodile

Both of them enjoy very much. What a peaceful afternoon for mummy and daddy! haha...


Wonderful Life said...

Nice try for first timer especially Jing! Her master piece looks great!

KittyCat said...

Hey, their paintings are really good!