Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Mann is 9 mths old!

This is her favorate bottle. She choosed it herself.

Huhu... At last she is 9 months!

What is her progress?

1. Still cruising.
2. Knew that is she cry she can get whatever she want. Headech!
3. Want to eat everything if she can and you fed her!
4. Knew that when mommy say "it's HOT!" and she won't touch it.
5. Night feed still 2 times. I am tired!
6. Crawl here and there, especially loves to chase for jie jie and kor kor.
7. Sometimes, "free hand" then fell down lo! May be she thought she can stand with 2 feet. Wahaha...
8. Don't like sip cup, so using straw type bottle to drink water.
9. Loves to play flash cards.
10. Showing mommy "milk" sign when want to feed.
11. Loves to go "walk walk".
12. Hates stroller! But loves carrier.
13. Very jeoulous! When jie jie or kor kor sit on mummy's lap, she will chase them away! Once sit on mommy's lap and never want to leave.
14. Love to smile!
15. Totally weaned from McB! :( Made me feel so so so so... bad! Due to babysitter emergency admitted in hospital so have to leave her to my mum in kampung. So in a week time only, she rejected my McB! But still drink from EBM. Why? Don't know.


chanelwong said...

Happy 9 months old...She is sooo adorable...

prince n princess mum said...

adorable 9 months bb...

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Anonymous said...


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KittyCat said...

She's so cute! Offer he McB again lor...I remember my boy weaned off at around this time too. I remembered on MMB other Mums who persisted and got their kids back on again. You can try if you want...