Wednesday, 28 April 2010

Fat and Thin

I wonder that is anyone you would like to have a fat kid?
Personnally, i prefer a thin kids more than fat one. Easy to carry and look healthier.
But not so thin la.

All my kids just normal only, but i wonder why still got someone complaint that my kids too thin. Then continue critic, i didn't gave them enought food la, must be due to i send them to nursary whole day la, i didn't give them the best formula la...etc.

1. At home, 3 of them ate a lot! Same potion as mine. I will make sure they have enough nutrition, vege is a must (potion like my full hand), fish or meat(either one, potion like my full hand too), tao hu, egg, etc. Rice is a mixture of white rice and multi grains. Before each mealthey willtook a bowl of soup and after meal 1 - 2 hr will serve with fruits.

2. The elder 2 went to full day nursary but don't mean that taking not enought food (actually compare to home lesser la.).

3. All my kids are not allow to drink formula. They are taking oat milk plus Amway protein. Everyday will have 1 multivit, 2 vit C, 1 spoonfull of flaxseed oil and 1 spoonfull of grape seed oil.

All my kids healthy, enought la. Who said FAT kid is healthier?

So what should i do? Continue kept my ear shut!


prince n princess mum said...

Old ppl thinking all want kiddos to be FAT!

Same opinion with you, healthy is the most important...

MieVee @ said...

Fit and healthy is the best -- neither too thin nor too fat. Anyway, your children have huge appetite! :)