Thursday, 29 April 2010


I was sick since after Chinese New Year. On and off,on and off, non stop cough with phlegm. I wonder am i allergy to somethings? Want to go the allergy test but ho... too expensive la and then end up taking anti-histamine medicine only. Last night, i felt so cold and woke up at 145am. Why? I had fever! Again! Last Monday alsoi hav fever.

Not just me, Mann too. The phlegm seem never go off. I changed her Babynet formula to Oat milk, seem working. Allergic to formula.

Yang, this 3 weeks also on and off fever. But only for 1 day after taking medicine because too high. Infected from nursery? may be? or from me? Now in his nursery, chicken pox virus is circulating. Will he infected too?

Jing, due to the teacher in school don't allow them to drink water, so ashe lways complaint she 's headache. That teacher's NUT! The reason she don't allow kid to drink water because she scare that kids may spelt water on the book. What a non-sense reason! So what to do, ask my gal drink water during rest time.