Sunday, 19 December 2010

I am pregnant wt no4!

I should post it much more earlier,but don't have the mood the write a blog.

I noticed it when the morning sickness started to show. My period just skipped few days only so assumed due to stress,but who know the morning sickness gave me a big sign.

I was still on training when i started the vomiting show. Kept me run on and off to the toilet every half an hour! On that day too, i bought the cheapest pregnancy test kit from Guardian and tested it at 12 midnight, just can't wait til the next morning.
And IT"S POSITIVE! Can u see the clear 2 lines?

I knew my hubby won't be happy when i told him that i am pregnant again. He is the type don't like a lot of kids, but i love to have more kids. Still have informed him, he has the right! He was the one contributed half of the chromosome to form a life. Surprising, he gave me a green light!

It's also took me a few days of think before I informed my family, especially my mum. She didn't support her daughter to have a lot of kids too. Showing me sour face when i told her, what a bad reply to me! Others were so happy with the news.

I know, my mum just scared that i can't handle all 4 without a maid. I didn't plan to get a maid yet, at least is now. First,it's too costly. Second, can't guarantee can get a good one. But who know later on, i really need a maid. It's very hard to get a local maid as while. I wonder why local people not interest to be a daily maid.

Fetus is 11 weeks old now, and still giving the morning sickness! Hormone changing! AH......

Went to government hospital for the regularly checkup and everything OK. I also gatal-gatal check-up at private clinic, done the blood test too, and gave a big shock - my thyroxine is a bit high. Never done any blood test with the previous 3 on thyroxine so never know is it due to pregnant or my thyroxine already high before pregnant. I need to keep tracking on it. More works! Started the diet control from that day too,hope that can be normal after deliver.

I hope that this time I can have enough budget to deliver in private hospital because I want to kept the cord blood and umbilical cord. I think you have heard about CryoCordMSCs, not just collect the cord blood but the cell at umbilical cord can be culture and the usage is much more wide compare to cord blood. The technique not really mature yet, but in one day... It's expensive, but it's worst since my No.4 will be my last baby. Will find out more from them. Total for CryoCord plus private hospital deliver package, ~ RM15k!!! Need further discuss with hubby. All these budget not including confinement lady and dairy spends yet. Woo... not cheap ha, to have a baby.

When I informed my 3 kids about it, Jing not really happy with it. I knew she need to divide my love to her Again! Yang was the one exciting about it. Mann's still blur blur to what i am talking about. But Jing gave me a green light after 1 week and she hope that this time i can bring a brother to her. I hope so too.

I hope that i can have a boy this time. Then,it's will make up double good for me. hehe..


MieVee @ said...

Congratulations to you on your good news! Apparently, it seems that vomiting means lotsa good hormones, good for baby too. Take good care! :)

prince n princess mum said...

Congratulations! Happy for you!

Kit said...

Congratulations to you again!!!

I understand what you mean when your Mom isn't happy. I experienced that too with her and my sister, which I found strange...

Do take care of yourself as you've got high thyroxine levels. I hope that your doc has advised you on what to do e.g. what to eat or not to eat etc.

Cord blood banking was NEVER in our plans because it's crazily expensive!!!

Let's chat more when we meet ok. Congratulations again :)

chanelwong said...

Congrats to you....
Hope it will be a boy than sooo nice... 2 pairs...

Moo Mummy said...

Thanks for the wishes!

I love kidssss... If i am still young and financial very stable, it's ok for me to have more than 6!
Even thought i have to go through the whole sickable morning sickness. :)

I know, sound crazy! (Kitty, don't faint!)

zmm said...

I would love to have more kids too.. but 'old'.. and very worried financially can handle or not.

Mummy to QiQi said...

am so happy for you! Me too, still waiting to plan for my no.4, when the boys get settle in school in another 1-2 years time :)

mott said...

wow..congrats to you and your family!

I think surprise babies are lovely! U'll always think to yourself...if he/she wasn't here... I would have never seen his/her heart-melting smiles.