Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I am in Palms SportBars and Grills, Subang Skypark Airport Terminal 3!

It’s my first time in Subang Skypark Airport Terminal 3, taking my flight back to Penang. It’s Winter Festival tomorrow, I need to rush back even the meeting not yet finish. Sorry Dr Abu, family much more important.

After the long meeting, I left Institute Pengurusan Veterinar at Batu 11 Cheras at 515 pm and I reached here at 620pm. My flight is 930pm!! I need to wait till 8pm for check-in. What should I do to kill my time? Sit and read? Having a lonely long long dinner? (hope can get a handsome guy to accompany? Hahaha…) woo… there is a Bar and Grill to kill my time, listen to “live” song, enjoying my dinner but too bad can’t take any alcoholic drink.

I am in Palms SportBars and Grill; it’s located at near the arrival area, the last lot at the left. Very unique designs which not support appear in airport.

I ordered Cranberry juice and Black Pepper Chicken. The food was ok but I still can’t finish. Price is reasonable.

He is Mr Aziz, should be shop owner, I think. He can sing anytime he wants and can go in and out from the restaurant if he wants. He has a very nice voice and can play very good guitar! What a fabulous dinner for me. Ai… my darling not around…. If he’s with me, what a wonderful dinner for both of us.

So next time when you are here in Subang Skypark Airport Terminal 3, don’t forget to spend your time here.


prince n princess mum said...

Never went that terminal b4...

Kit said...

Good to see you have a good appetite!!!

I've never been to that end of the airport either - will try to check it out next time...