Wednesday, 20 October 2010

REVIEWS: Baked Bread in Old Town and PappaRich

I love to eat bake bread. When i have chance to go to Old Town Restaurant I am very sure that I will order their bake bread which serve with butter and kaya.

It's has been quite sometime i didn't go there, especially after sold to another company. Ordered bake bread with butter and kaya... ER.......... this was the look of their bake bread with butter and kaya!

I can't FINE my butter and kaya...

I will NEVER ordered bake bread any more!! I paid for RM3.90 (not including tax and service charge) and this was what i get!!! This was really OVER, maximum profit is what they looking for but look into the QUALITY and QUANTITY of BEST FOOD! hm... so called International Business........

Last 2 week, when KittyCat was back to Malaysia, KittyCat, Alice and I we met at PapppaRich. And see the different of their baked bread. My Yang enjoying it very very very much!!!

OK, PappaRich I will be back. BTW, the price is same at Old Town too.


Kit said...

Aiyo, which Old Town did you go to? I've been to the ones in AutoCity, Queensbay and Bayan Baru. Love the toast there esp the half-boiled egg set :D

In fact, I ate the most Old Town half-boiled egg set when I was pregnant with the girl!

Are you craving or Papparich toast now? ;-)

mary lau said...

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