Friday, 1 October 2010

Yang is 5 now!

Time just flied so fast, now he's 5!

I almost forgot his birthday. Hehe... But luckily he reminded me. He can't exactly know which date is his birthday but he will ask when his birthday is.

I bought his am under the sea birthday so that he can celebrate at his kindergarten.

When I appear at his kindergarten, his teacher asked me to hide at next door she wants to ask Yang whether he still remembers today is his birthday. And the answer is HE DOES NOT! Ha-ha...

When he saw me bringing the cake, he just jumps up and down! He's too excited till can't concentrate on what people asking him to do.

OK, teacher asks him to choose 4 friends. So he chooses 3 friends and count himself in to make it 4. Everyone knew what teacher talking about and kept telling him he should only count his friends without him in, but ho... He still doesn’t understand! Faith!! Repeated 5 times till teacher showed him with her finger.

His teacher: "OK, this is Lee Yang (rinse her right hand 1 finger) and Lee Yang need to invite 4 friends to the front (rinse 4 friends with her left hand). Count with my finger how many friends you should invite?"
Lee Yang: "One, two, three, four. Four friends."
His teacher:"You have how many friends in front here?"
Lee Yang: "One, two, three, four. (Count him in again.)"
His teacher:" Yang, count my finger again. How many in total?"
Lee Yang: "One, two, three, four, five. Five"
His teacher:"How many people at front?"
Lee Yang:"One, two, three, four. Four."
His teacher:"How many did you count just now?"
Lee Yang:"One, two, three, four, five. (Count from his teacher's fingers)"
His teacher:"You still need invite how many friends?"
Lee Yang:"One, two, three, four. (Re-count everyone including him.) Five? Oh... need to invite one more friends."
His teacher:"Yes, now you have 3 friends here, and you need to invite one more friend."
Lee Yang:"Yes, teacher."

Now, he understands when he needs to invite 4 friends that he shouldn't count him in as friends. LOL (Now, you know why I am sending my Yang to that kindergarten. His teacher was so pation to teach him or try to make him understand the real situation.)

But he forgot to invite his girl friend! Yap, he has a girl friend, should said his dream girl! Few weeks ago, Yang refuse to go to school because his dream girl was sick and absent for few days already. His reason - if I go to school I didn't see her, why should I go to school again? Hubby and I, speechless. I told him if he didn't go to school he won't know hid LYT returned to school. Then only he prepared himself to go to school.

All the kids sat round in front of him and they sang birthday songs’ (3 different languages, Chinese, Malay and English). He even sang by himself.

Then, he blows his cake but before they started to sing the songs he told his 4 invited friends, "Later please don't blow the candles, I want to blow by myself." His 4 friends knock their head.

After his blow the cake, every kid tried to RUN to the cake and wants to HELP him to remove the decorations. The teacher RAN to the cake too before it's damaged by them. LOL

Kid still is kid. They love birthday cake! Especially butter cream, unfortunately the teacher removed most of the cream due to its artificial colour.

At home, I celebrated with him too. But daddy needs to work so we only celebrated by you only. This is an Oreo walnut birthday cake. Taste good but too expensive!

Yang, hope you growth up happily forever!


^m.r.s. f.a.r.i.z.a.l^ said...

happy birthday yang!
aunty miss yang yang lah..huhu

allthingspurple said...

Happy Birthday !!! Looks like everyone had fun !!!

LittleLamb said...

Happy Birthday to Lee Yang =)

chanelwong said...

Happy 5th Birthday to you!!!

Mummy to QiQi said...

happy belated birthday to Yang!

Jo Lynn said...

Happy Birthday, Lee Yaaaang :)

Lynn from Netherlands, still reading your blog from here.

Wonderful Life said...

Happy belated birthday to yang!

prince n princess mum said...

Happy belated birthday, Yang..

Kit said...

He looks so cute!!! Happy belated birthday :D