Friday, 18 June 2010

Mann is 11 mths lo!

Ok, I skipped 10 months old progress "report", lazy mah...

She is 11 months now.

During 10 months first week, she knew how to stand from sitting position liao. First she sitting, then she squaw, then she stands by her own, with free hand. She giggled when she mange to stand up by herself.
2nd progress, she knew how to blow a whistle!

During 10 months second week, she knew how "write" on paper. Jing and Yang need to do some homework, to avoid Mann disturbing I need to find her a Jumbo pencil and some paper. She just loves to "write” on paper. But after 3 days, she rejected the paper I gave and want to "write” on Jing or Yang's book too. I started "consult" her liao CAB NOT WRITE/DRAW ON THE WELL/FLOOR... ONLY PAPER! I also offer her magnetic board to draw, she just love it.
2nd progress, learn things very fast! She knew how to use remote control. While pressing on it, she will look at TV, DVD player, even air-con to see whether any changes bo. Jia Lat!
3rd progress, she reached height as TV cabinet. So she can take whatever thing beside the TV cabinet.

During 10 months third weeks, she started to show that she want to eat by her own. gave her some baby biscuit in a bowl and spoon too. So she can play with it for 1/2 hr, mean everyone can be FREE so 1/2 hr. LOL Beside that, she started calling "mama" when looking for me. Just melted my heart!

During 10 months forth week, she can walk 2, 3 steps! When she stands by her own and anyone beside her she will walk toward him. While she walks, she laughs by her own. Seem like she was enjoying that moments!

Fully 11 months, oh... I can see her 5th teeth liao! And started to making more noise or cried very very loud like someone beat her just because she can’t get her thing by her own or fight with Jing and Yang for things she want, even it’s not for her. She was so manja to daddy!


prince n princess mum said...

happy 11 months cutie!

KittyCat said...

Fu-yoh, really "boh-eng" ya at 11 months old LOL Love the pic with her teeth showing - cute!!!