Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Jing's Progress

She is 24kg only and 124cm tall.
Quite tall but too skinny, not enough food? May be. Or too stress?

She is 7 now. But think like 12 years old girl. Quite a lot of supposed mummy has to do things she will complete for me or start worry about it, including Yang's progress. That's why she is so stress, created she the tension!

She is a smart girl. I no need to call for her to review her study, do her homework, eat, bath, playing, reading... I only have reminded her to do her work. No shouting for her. I even stop checking for her homework, everything will be done perfectly.

Ok, she still monitor in her class as her form teacher said she can finish/complete her homework very soon so she can help her in many ways, like helping the other friends, carry books, etc. Teacher never tough her HOW to be a monitor, so normal way lo, she will shout to friends to ask them keep quiet. Then she started to write those "naughty” friends on the board and later teacher will punish them. All these made her friend “hate" her! She started to show her unstably behavior/bad temper since April. She is facing social problem with her friends now! She never knew how to express all these unhappiness and end up she fight a lot at home! Fight with the brother, sister even Ah Ma. So lucky that I got my transfer back to Bukit Mertajam and I can over seeing my 3 kids all by myself. Teach, guide, even share with them from now on. It's serious on my girl case! Almost every night she fights in anything’s!! Making me nut!

What should I do? I talk with her day care teacher about these and she also noticed it. So we came out with the conclusion, my Jing not only in a very stress situation but also she wants my attention! The first thought came in my mind; I am not a good mother! She’s understood what I have to do for Yang; I need more times for Yang and baby, and just I never care about how she feels. She stills a child and she needed my LOVE too. I just always think that she is a "little adult" to me. Poor Jing! Manage to talk with her in privately, she cried and cried and cried, and I promise her that I will always find some times for her and also want her to tell me that she needs my attention if she feels that I am less time for her. She stopped fighting with Yang now and can help me in guiding him to do some works too.

While, in her social part, I just told her my experience and I want her to think how to solve it by her. She can suggest the method and I will discuss with her. So far, she has solved most of the problems especially with her friendship part. Can you imagine what a miracle if I put myself down as a parent and talk with her like a friend!


Mummy to QiQi said...

you are real lucky that Jing is independent in her studies. I had to scream, threatened QQ all the time, just to get her one page homework done :(

Moo mommy said...

She is the one only child that i take care of myself from baby to 2 years old. So i train her in 七田真式,see the results is good and i am going practice on Mann.
Yang in western style and seem like not really working well lo. or boy is different?

Just made the homework section as happy as it can. My Yang hate to do homework too because he has problem using the right muscle to control the writing. That's why he feel tired easily when doing homework. I need to train him back in using the right muscle.

huisia said...

my son is 130cm tall and weighted 30kg, but he is just 6 years old, gosh, i really don't want to raise a giant kid!!!

Sewing Monster said...

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