Friday, 25 April 2008

Bertolak ansur

Sound like the title very good ho... but you and i knew la, government stuff love to "bertolak ansur"!
Ok here is the story...
Olympus technisian, Mr E just came over to my place to service our microscope. In my lab En Z is the one incharge of microscope. So He dealed with him la, and i planned to buy a microscope so En Z introduce Mr E to me lo. When we chat Mr E did suggest why don't his company arrange a free workshop to my place, En Z and i of cause said yes. (FOC is one thing, they want to teach on how to use and cleaning the microscope also.) Mr E said he will send a letter to En Z to ask for the approval and En Z need to ask from Director. So, everything is none of business, right? but who knew i am too KPC to call Pn J to ask for the kesesuaian for the workshopand she did suggest make one special workshop just for the new LA after their exam on 24 April. So that they can stay back 1 more day to attend the workshop. Ok that's fine. This was happen 1 month before.
This Latihan Unit was incharge by Pn J. She ... i got nothing to say about her liao... 2 week ago, she ask me, have i send any letter to all the LA from different lab? I said: "tak tahu, tak berkenaan dengan saya. Hari tu saya cuma tumpang tanya kesesuaian hari, kesesuaian peserta dan kesesuaian orang yang incharge. Kak Nah kan kata Unit Latihan akan uruskan dan orang yang deal dengan Olympus adalah Encik Z bukan saya. Tolong tanya kepada En Z. Tapi yang saya tahu, En Z telah beritahu boss unit u dan tak tahu la boss you sudah sediakan surat belum." So, she dealed with En Z about anything lo. She also inform our Deputy Director Dr C about this perkara and she has "done" and send the letter.
Yesterday, i was so surprising most of the LA can't make it because they didn't receive any letter. Mean what? Pn J "send" onlt the letter didn't fax and followed up.
KPC me told Dr C about it. Knew what Dr C reply... mana boleh let a LA do all this thing, isn't it there should be a officer incharge? I said don't know, Pn J said everything go through Unit Latihan. Dr C:" No, should have other officer incharge about it. Ok, i will ask who shall incharge about the outside seminar, workshop, and etc." I did mention that Pn J said that her unit was incharge it.
I was dissapointed that Dr C as a Deputy Director can say like that! Please la, not "back-up" like this. Too over! Yap, both of you are from same unit (in my place you have tanggung a lot of tugas sampingan one!), can be said they "growth" up together at here for >15 years. But not jaga other hati until this stage kua!... em... read the chinese blog, then you will know!

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