Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My kids (Aug 2011)


Jing. 8 yr and 2 mths.

I found that she's kept "changing". Never show any interested in any matter. Ah... the Malaysia education system did "trained" her like that. Everything, wait and the answer will "fly" to her! But one thing is good, she still done very well on her homework, no need mummy to keep call and call, just the same thing, very ugly writing. It's all my fault, when she is young i told her wrote in propel and right way enough.

Yang. 5 yrs and 10 mths.

Stickied to mummy only, like super glue! After delivered Tanz, more shows to watch. Even in kiddy he can cry looking for mummy... Cry every night,cause need to do his homework lo. He still not really strong at his wrist yet, so still facing writing problem. Need more trainings.

Mann. Reached her 2 yr old at 3 July!

But since I am in confinement so just had a small celebration for her. I bought her a new dress and daddy got her a new toy. She first very happy with her cake, but when asked to blow her cake, she's scared! May be due i kept on telling her fire is dangerous.
She is now can speak to combine 2 different words and trying to made sentences by using main words only. Basically i can understand lo. But... she's used pacifier so a bit "chao leng tai". LOL
She's love to sing. Now can sing half of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (in English and Mandarin), Wa Wa Guo (娃娃国)and Ke Ren Lai (客人来).
She behaved very well even i delivered Tanz. So lucky I am!

Tanz. 6 weeks.

Weight:4.2kgs. Length: 53cm.
She knew how to smile! And when she is awake, she will look for someone to talk, sing and play with her. She will give you a very nice and beautiful smile! She love to sleep on someone arm. She can sleep for N hour if is on someone arm or beside mummy. Headache! I can't do any works!
Still breastfeed, very well. This moo mummy is feeding on her demand so never know how much she need and the time gap between 2 feeding. This few night, she's too full till she vomited!
She still jaundice, reduced very slow. But never mind, confirmed is breast milk jaundice. Since the level still above 200umol/L, so will wait till 6 weeks old then only allow to inject for Hep B jab.

Hubby and I - we are happy with the present of 4 kids! no 5??? LOL hubby is sweating!!!


chinnee said...

LOL, 4 is sweating already lor. I cannot imagine having 5!!

prince n princess mum said...

Wow! You still considering No. 5! Bravo!~

Kit said...

I'm already exhausted with 2, I think you're nuts to think of No. 5. Maybe you are a SuperMom :)