Thursday, 30 June 2011

Welcome, my No 4!

Here come my no 4, Lee Tanz.

Arrived to this world on 21st June 2011, afternoon.

With the help of Dr Narinder from Island Hospital.

Unfortunately, daddy on his way to hospital didn't managed to witness her arriving. Again...

When i knew that i am pregnant, i already started to search around a better, comfort and relax way to deliver my baby. i had very bad experience when delivered my no 3!

Crossed my mind is HypnoBirthing. I search for info and asked friends, got the information's as much as possible just want to show to my hubby. But he said NO! Too bad, he said he can't accept birth at home!

Fine, i told him that what i want - a natural birth - no physical or chemical used during the whole process of labouring(Until today i still believed that the pethidine jab cause Yang become like that. Made me so guilty...). AND i choose the way i wan to deliver my baby.

Very lucky, met with 2 friends - Woon Sing and Loh, both of them recommended Dr Narinder Singh Shadan in Island Hospital, Penang. I was 36 weeks pregnancy when i found out there is someone who can help me in such deliver way. BTW, Dr Narinder is the first O & G offering water birth in Malaysia.

When i went to visit him by myself without hubby because i need to talk with him to find out how he can help me in the way i want to deliver a child before i convince my hubby. And YES, he is the "helper" tat i am searching for. (So call helper, because i want to deliver my baby all by myself with hubby, gynae is the one stand beside to help only. I still believed that i can have a very smooth delivering!) Dr Narinder asked to bring my hubby along during next visit, he want to talk with him too, teach him how to prepare if any emergency happened.

Hubby went along during my 2nd visit. Dr Narinder done an vaginal exam to estimate when i can deliver so that hubby can be prepare when not to go for outstation, even cannot go to Ipoh. :P And same as what i estimate next week... Dr Narinder can't stand the question that i asked, i listed, so he gave me a natural birth plan list to fill in and asked me to return to him next week, so that he can be prepared when i admitted. The plan was as the same plan that i wished too. I need to sign and hubby too he need to sign to agree what i wish for.

Ok,another weekend, need to complete the final preparation including adjustment of the furniture. Sorry, i am not the pantang type so tak ape la.

By 21th, midnight, the mild contraction started. Not sure is the time the truth contraction or the false alarm again... can't sleep for the whole night... so concentrated my mind to finish my work before went for maternity leaves. I still go to work in the next morning. Hubby fetch me on 10am for another visiting to Dr Narinder. again he done the same thing ot me, and wah la... the real show started, started dilated. Darm... we didn't prepare my bag yet. Dr Narinder estimate will be in the late afternoon, so he asked us to go home and get everything prepare. Who knew, when we away from Island Hospital just less that 10km i told my hubby:" honey, you need to turn back to hospital now, the contraction is getting stronger and stronger." As usual, hubby started panic la! After he drop me to the hospital, he went back to get my things immediately.

In the labour room, i asked not to be tied so that i can be free walking till I want to push my baby out. But Dr Narinder asked to be monitor for 30 minutes because he need to estimate from my graft when to deliver. Ok, this wasn't the happy experience or service that i get from a private hospital. I was tied on the bed with the monitor for 1 hour, no body come to check on me in 2 hour, i wasn't told which bell to press for emergency, all the nurse seem "disappear"! I got down from the bed by un-detach the monitor and i started to walk in the room while chatting with my family. I need to inform them. Meanwhile i called my hubby asked him to be in the hospital as soon as possible, may be i am going to deliver anytime. I want him to be with me.

When sister Christine came and checked for me i asked to see Dr Narinder immediately as i can feel that my baby is coming very soon. She quickly call for Dr Narinder and asked her girl to change me. Can you imagine they are switching labour room for me and ask me to walk. I walk from room D to room C, by myself. Once i reach to room C, i "crawl" onto the bed and get myself changed. Actually i still wonder what position i should be in to deliver my baby. But the due to the strong contraction i was in the doggie position, so i just choose this position to deliver my child. It's too pain i can't even move my body or change my position by now!

Dr Narinder never expect i can be dilated from 3cm to 10cm in 2 hour time, including the water bag burst by itself. When the time he arrived and he want to checked on me how many cm already dilate, i remember i told him "Don't touch me!" Aiyo... the contraction so strong and you still want to check how many cm dilated... haha... and he really not touching me, but i gave him a big shock, i told him "I am going to push now!" Then just in 2 pushes, baby head is out, he told me in gentle "tell me when you have another contraction"... "is coming..." another 2 pushes my baby is out! "Turn yourself into position, i will pass you your baby."

OMG, my baby is on my arm now. Opened her eyes and just look at me. I just hated it when the nurse put the tube in her mouth and made her cry, have to do so because a lot of mucus in Tanz's mouth. The she is on my arm till my hubby arrived, that's after 25 minutes. I have to cut the umbilical cord by myself, Dr Narinder also laugh with me, i am the first mother who cut the baby's cord (feeling like cutting intestine!), that time the placenta already detached by itself and the palpitation already stopped.

When my hubby arrived everything already done. He missed it again. But three of us having great first hour to be together. Tanz even lick on my nipple before want to open her mouth to take her first taste of my milk. That's was the great moment in my life! (If i am getting no5, i want to be like that too...) until the midwife came in and told me that my baby in getting cold need to warm her up now. :P

Then i was told to wait again...... I found out that during that time Dr Heng's wife was in the labour room too... so i bet all the nurses were in that stupid labour room to entertain her and left me behind! Who is Dr Heng? one of the doctor in Island Hospital lo! Taking epidural and end up with vacuum lo... what's the point!? Again i gave a very bad feedback to Island Hospital lo.

No jab at all, baby and i free from all physical and chemical use. I think Tanz will have a better life!

As Island Hospital offering 3 days 2 nights package. I really had a nice rest before going home.

I am without any episiotomy done, and just a very minor tear. It's heal in 4 days! What a great!

To be continue.....


prince n princess mum said...

water birth? Wow! Cool...

Congrats on ur new born.... Little Tanz, welcome to the world...

Moo Mummy said...

Thanks, u can think about it!

ANNA said...

my dear, i am so touching to read this until my teardrop say cheers to you! bravo to both of you and Tanz!

Julia said...

Hi there. I had similar experience as u in island during #2 birth, no nurse around in labour room, but she did tell me where's the call bell. By the time I called them, baby's head was coming out! #1 had better service from island.

Kit said...

Congratulations!!! Alice told me about the good news.

Reading your birth story, I really think you are a "hero" LOL

Can't wait to meet little Tanz :)

mott said...

oh wow.. congrats!!! what a wonderful birth story. Am glad you got the birth plan you chemicals. Well done!!! Welcome to lil Lee Tanz! :)

Sorry I'm so late.. hope that you are healing well.

Yvonne said...

Hi, I am planning to deliver my first baby in Penang. My EDD is 31 Dec 2011 and I am looking advices on which gynae and which hospital to go for. I am participating Hynobirthing class, and hope for a gentle and natural birth.

I got to know water birthing from a friend of mine, in fact I went into the labour room with her in Singapore, she went into the water too earlier, vomiting makes her exhausted and finally did not manage to deliver the baby in water.

Island hospital (Dr Narinder) is the only hospital which provides water birthing in Penang? would you recommend that? Changing room is not a pleasant experience, in Singapore, women wait and labour in the same room.