Tuesday, 12 December 2006

Soy Toxic!

"There's plenty yet that you didn't know about soy!
Soy contains several naturally occurring compounds that are toxic to humans and animals. The soy industry frequently refers to these toxins as anti-nutrients, which implies that they somehow act to prevent the body getting the complete nutrition it needs from a food. The soy toxins (such as phytic acid) can certainly act in this manner, but they also have the ability to target specific organs, cells and enzyme pathways and their effects can be devastating.
The soy toxins that Soy Online Service have concerns about are protease inhibitors, phytic acid, soy lectins (or haemagglutins), nitrosamines, manganese concentrations and the mysterious soyatoxin. Nitrosamines are not naturally occurring in soybeans but form during the processing of products such as isolated soy protein (ISP).
As with any toxin there will be a dose at which negative effects are not observed. Soy Online Services have examined the scientific data on the soy toxins and have uncovered several alarming truths:
There is no legislation to protect consumers from soy toxins in raw soy products.

With the possible exception of soy lecithin, all soy products, no matter how well treated, contain low to moderate levels of soy toxins; processing cannot remove them all of any of them.

The soy industry has little in the way of quality control to protect consumers from exposure to inadequately treated soy products. "

these are what i just write! Soy are toxic but i stil not really belive it coz the research was from dairy product production country. What i knew tat is they are scre tat "their" cow's milk will be beat down by soy milk so they purposely want to find something bad about soy milk. How good is cow's milk?? a big, huge question mark leh!
em... why wan to argure abt cow's milk and soy milk? both are non sence!!! coz Human milk is the BEST!!
should surf abt how bad is cow's milk then only can make cpmparison mah. hehe...

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