Friday, 4 September 2009

Mann's 2 mths old

My Mann is 2 mths old liao.

Ok, about her:

Mann loves to smile when anyone show silly faces, funny noises, sing a song, even just Mann to her also can make her grin and giggle.

Her head become stronger that allow her to hold her head up. Especially during bath time, kiasi!

Never sit in the stroller. Cry like hell! So, that stroller i bought since Jing'stime until now still nobody using it. can sell it?

Can reconize Yeh Yeh sound who loves to carry her whole day! Yeh Yeh said she can slept nice in the boucer so he let her slept onhis hand for 2 hours! Mummy also no eyes see.

Breastfeed time stable a bit liao. But still, mummy feed on demand.

her weight:5.6kgs


little prince's mummy said...

All your kids also don't like stroller?

giddy tigress said...

She will learn to love the stroller soon...just be patient...there is a phase where the baby will cry non stop, but after that it will be easier. Trust me :)

KittyCat said...

She sounds just like Lucas! He never liked the stroller which is why my MacLaren is in storage.

I hope No. 2 will train from baby carrier stage LOL

Nice bumping into you and your romantic dinner that day ;-) Must meet up again ok!

小美冰淇淋Paul said...