Thursday, 29 May 2008


To me, mood is very important loh... Knew what, no mood no sex. This is what i told my hubby. Am i right? I was discuss this topic with a friend. His wife just got pregnant em... about 3 months. His wife said no sex till give birth. Alamak... I told him have to "practice" with your hand loh or ask permission to get the "temporary" one. hehe... I wonder why can not ha... She has a smooth pregnant, so far lah. May be the old folk said cannot qua. I enjoyed myself till the day before gave birth lagi kok. LOL. Over due mah, and according to some MMB friends, may be sex can help to induce, but no lah... Still over due pun...
I told my friend, don't force his wife, pregnant woman hormone imbalance. Wait for another few weeks may be she said boleh leh. Mood influence by hormone!

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