Thursday, 30 August 2018

Mann is going to be 1 on Saturday,what should i do?

huhu...times fliesssss..................
Mann is going to 1.

Should i plan for a party for her?

She is 13 months!

Standing and walking

At 13 months, about three-quarters of toddlers are walking on their own -- albeit unsteadily. If yours still hasn't stopped using furniture or other objects to support herself, it just means that walking on her own is going to take a little longer. Some children don't walk until 17 or 18 months, or even later. But whether cruising around the room, holding onto furniture, or toddling, the important thing for her is that she is moving on her own; she no longer has to wait to be lifted and carried or pushed, and the world is opening up.

Exploring and discovering

With her new walking legs, your child can roam where her growing curiosity takes her -- examining the cat up close, and then suddenly backing away if it frightens her. This is a great achievement.

Grasps and manipulates objects

As she gets better at using her legs, she's also getting more skilled at using her hands. Most 13-month-olds are able to grab a block and drop it into a container; some are already able to scribble. She might be able to grip a spoon, but don't expect her to be using it with consistent success yet.

Grows more slowly and eats less

Don't be surprised when your formerly super-hungry baby starts to eat less. Between birth and their first birthdays, babies typically triple in weight and add 25 cm/10 in to their height. But between her first and second birthdays, your child's growth rate will slow considerably, and she'll start to lose her baby fat. Expect the amount she eats every day, as well as her food likes and dislikes, to vary.

Communicates and understands

She's got the hang of using "dada," "mama," plus a few other recognisable words. Without much vocabulary, she's worked out how to make her desires known. When she wants to get down, she'll point down; when she wants your attention, she'll tug your shirt. She's also understanding a good percentage of the simple language you use around her every day.

Lives mostly in the here and now

Your toddler's play mostly involves experimentation, like "What happens if I drop the plastic cup?" or "What happens if I rub my fingers in the gravy?" She likes to watch what happens after she does something, and because her memory isn't well developed she is not bored by repetition.

Thursday, 3 November 2011

"Make Penang Breastfeeding Friendly" Campaign on 9 Oct 2011

I know i am LATE, but better than NONE, right?

Ok, this was a breastfeeding event organise by Penang Mother-to-Mother Peer Support (MMPS) in celebrating of World Breastfeeding Week 2011. During the event also MMPS run together 1 Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding too.

I am one of the volunteer committee.

Event was on Sunday, 9th October 2011, 3:15pm – 5:00pm at Straits Quay (Jalan Seri Tanjung Pinang, Tanjung Tokong, 10470 Penang). Free entrance, free refreshment, free face painting, and many exciting games and prizes to be won.

During the campaign, MMPS also launching “1 Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding” event at 4pm. Total we had: 800 mothers and babies from all over Malaysia: 534 mothers and babies from 46 hospitals and 266 mothers and babies from everywhere. Breastfed together on 9th Oct at 4pm! Bravo to the supporter!

Knew what, YB Puan Betty Chew (President of Penang Pertubuhan Wanita Mutiara and wife of Chief Minister YAB Tuan Lim Guan Eng) and Dato' Anwar Fazal (Chairperson Emeritus WABA) were there to support too!

Not only me so excited during the whole event, my 3 elder kids also enjoyed themselves very much. Jing and Yang having great time on hand and face painting, asking balloon from the clown, ate and drinks as they want. Mann was too busy playing at toys corner. Tanz was with daddy while mummy busy entertaining the crowd.

I am very prouded to myself during the “1 Minute Simultaneous Breastfeeding” event. By that time, back carried Mann in my manduca SSC and front breastfed Tanz. Woo...

BTW, graped the opportunity to go to Charlie Brown Restaurant too. Here was the bill for 2 adults and 3 kids! Told hubby that no more next time liao la, actually the price for the food is reasonable but for the drinks was too expensive! Mann kept saying:"mummy, see this!" "mummy, see that!" All are Charlie Brown cartoon characters up to ceiling, no wonder she was so excited! Haha...

The event end at 530 pm, after clean up we left at 6pm. All my kids slept till we get home! Wo... Mummy also super tired!

Oh, ya, even Amelia the writer for The Law IBFAN was there to support.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

My kids (Oct 2011)

Hi.. I think i should update all in one post. Made the works easy!

We went to the beach at Sg Batu, Penang on Sept, 2011. It's Yang kiddy function. Too bad Mann didn't follow because she just recover for fever. Bring her to the beach is not a good idea. Jing and Yang having fun at there. Mummy and Tanz just sat under the tree and SAW the other kids playing around. Promised the kids will be there again and MUST bring Mann together.

Jing (8 yo and 5 mths)

Really a challenge for me! Her life just marks and competing, That's all! I wonder should I stop her to go to school? Away from those negative influence?

Yang (just reach 6 yo)

Having his birthday celebration at kiddy. He's happy that i bought him a Angry Bird's birthday cake. Then ho... no photo was taken, because i forgot to bring along the camera. Hm... let the sweet memory kept in his mind la!
Seem like he really HATES homework, he will refuse to do even need to write only 3 lines of sentences. yer... Headache!

Mann (2 yo and 3 mths)

hu... Now she really knows how to made simple sentences. Not consider speech delay. She is without any nappy during day time now,so more works for the whole family to remind her to go to toilet. Night, sorry mummy can't woke up lo.

Tanz (14 weeks) Weight:5.2kg Height:59cm

Yes, she is free from jaundice now since 10 weeks old,means no more to and from clinic every weeks. Yippy!
She increased 1 kgs in a mth.Not bad ha?!
Her head getting strong now. She can recognize her name and will search for it when you call her name.
She wants grandpa to carry when she noticed he is around. Will cry even cranky just because want to ask grandpa to carry. To where? jalan-jalan whole kampong! hehe...

Daddy and mummy
Mummy (me la) is a SAHM now. Having enough time to breastfeed the little one. No more pumping, sterilize, keep, arrange, reheat... breast milk. Feel so GREAT now!! Daddy - busy bee!

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

My kids (Aug 2011)


Jing. 8 yr and 2 mths.

I found that she's kept "changing". Never show any interested in any matter. Ah... the Malaysia education system did "trained" her like that. Everything, wait and the answer will "fly" to her! But one thing is good, she still done very well on her homework, no need mummy to keep call and call, just the same thing, very ugly writing. It's all my fault, when she is young i told her wrote in propel and right way enough.

Yang. 5 yrs and 10 mths.

Stickied to mummy only, like super glue! After delivered Tanz, more shows to watch. Even in kiddy he can cry looking for mummy... Cry every night,cause need to do his homework lo. He still not really strong at his wrist yet, so still facing writing problem. Need more trainings.

Mann. Reached her 2 yr old at 3 July!

But since I am in confinement so just had a small celebration for her. I bought her a new dress and daddy got her a new toy. She first very happy with her cake, but when asked to blow her cake, she's scared! May be due i kept on telling her fire is dangerous.
She is now can speak to combine 2 different words and trying to made sentences by using main words only. Basically i can understand lo. But... she's used pacifier so a bit "chao leng tai". LOL
She's love to sing. Now can sing half of Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (in English and Mandarin), Wa Wa Guo (娃娃国)and Ke Ren Lai (客人来).
She behaved very well even i delivered Tanz. So lucky I am!

Tanz. 6 weeks.

Weight:4.2kgs. Length: 53cm.
She knew how to smile! And when she is awake, she will look for someone to talk, sing and play with her. She will give you a very nice and beautiful smile! She love to sleep on someone arm. She can sleep for N hour if is on someone arm or beside mummy. Headache! I can't do any works!
Still breastfeed, very well. This moo mummy is feeding on her demand so never know how much she need and the time gap between 2 feeding. This few night, she's too full till she vomited!
She still jaundice, reduced very slow. But never mind, confirmed is breast milk jaundice. Since the level still above 200umol/L, so will wait till 6 weeks old then only allow to inject for Hep B jab.

Hubby and I - we are happy with the present of 4 kids! no 5??? LOL hubby is sweating!!!

Monday, 4 July 2011

My Tanz - Part 2

Then they cleaned me up. Everything happened too fast, the nurses don't have time to prepare anything before i delivered. haha... I was all wet, with my own blood.

I also asked not to bath Tanz wt any detergent, just used plain water. The mucus will absorb by herself. Then ho... here come the midwife, again... "Can we use olive oil to remove all the mucus from your baby? PROMISE won't used any detergent." See... they still don't understand what i said. "Okay..." I HAVE TO say...

I stayed on my bed till 8pm. Taking my dinner on the bed too. Almost 6 hours on bed! When my granny, mum, aunt, Yang and Mann were here to visit me, I took the opportunity go to toilet. Then we went to visit baby in nursery room. I fainted in front of the nursery room! Don't asked me why, I just feel dizzy and fainted like that. When i woke up i was on the bed surrounded by 4 nurses and my family. The nurse checked my BP and I am normal. So wonder why i fainted! Luckily I stand beside hubby and my aunt was behind me to lean on me and also another by help to hold me too. Very scary... my first time...

Actually I am the one kept asking the nurse, is my baby woke up? Already passed 6 hours and she must be very hungry now! The nurse opened her eyes so wide and speechless... I think I am the only after giving birth mum will ask such question, and i am not sleepy yet mah. I am so excited to have my no 4 ler...Wahaha...

Actually the most dangerous part was - Tanz was birth with cord on neck, 2 rounds but very lucky it's loose. I wonder if i insisted want to gave birth at home, what will happen! Hubby sure very panic lo... And he will blame on me if anything happen. :p

then... oh... then...started my brestfeeding journey again!!!

I am enjoying with my breastfeeding moment! (Hubby said i am crazy!!)

BTW, no dought, my baby again - prolong jaundice... AH...

Thursday, 30 June 2011

Welcome, my No 4!

Here come my no 4, Lee Tanz.

Arrived to this world on 21st June 2011, afternoon.

With the help of Dr Narinder from Island Hospital.

Unfortunately, daddy on his way to hospital didn't managed to witness her arriving. Again...

When i knew that i am pregnant, i already started to search around a better, comfort and relax way to deliver my baby. i had very bad experience when delivered my no 3!

Crossed my mind is HypnoBirthing. I search for info and asked friends, got the information's as much as possible just want to show to my hubby. But he said NO! Too bad, he said he can't accept birth at home!

Fine, i told him that what i want - a natural birth - no physical or chemical used during the whole process of labouring(Until today i still believed that the pethidine jab cause Yang become like that. Made me so guilty...). AND i choose the way i wan to deliver my baby.

Very lucky, met with 2 friends - Woon Sing and Loh, both of them recommended Dr Narinder Singh Shadan in Island Hospital, Penang. I was 36 weeks pregnancy when i found out there is someone who can help me in such deliver way. BTW, Dr Narinder is the first O & G offering water birth in Malaysia.

When i went to visit him by myself without hubby because i need to talk with him to find out how he can help me in the way i want to deliver a child before i convince my hubby. And YES, he is the "helper" tat i am searching for. (So call helper, because i want to deliver my baby all by myself with hubby, gynae is the one stand beside to help only. I still believed that i can have a very smooth delivering!) Dr Narinder asked to bring my hubby along during next visit, he want to talk with him too, teach him how to prepare if any emergency happened.

Hubby went along during my 2nd visit. Dr Narinder done an vaginal exam to estimate when i can deliver so that hubby can be prepare when not to go for outstation, even cannot go to Ipoh. :P And same as what i estimate next week... Dr Narinder can't stand the question that i asked, i listed, so he gave me a natural birth plan list to fill in and asked me to return to him next week, so that he can be prepared when i admitted. The plan was as the same plan that i wished too. I need to sign and hubby too he need to sign to agree what i wish for.

Ok,another weekend, need to complete the final preparation including adjustment of the furniture. Sorry, i am not the pantang type so tak ape la.

By 21th, midnight, the mild contraction started. Not sure is the time the truth contraction or the false alarm again... can't sleep for the whole night... so concentrated my mind to finish my work before went for maternity leaves. I still go to work in the next morning. Hubby fetch me on 10am for another visiting to Dr Narinder. again he done the same thing ot me, and wah la... the real show started, started dilated. Darm... we didn't prepare my bag yet. Dr Narinder estimate will be in the late afternoon, so he asked us to go home and get everything prepare. Who knew, when we away from Island Hospital just less that 10km i told my hubby:" honey, you need to turn back to hospital now, the contraction is getting stronger and stronger." As usual, hubby started panic la! After he drop me to the hospital, he went back to get my things immediately.

In the labour room, i asked not to be tied so that i can be free walking till I want to push my baby out. But Dr Narinder asked to be monitor for 30 minutes because he need to estimate from my graft when to deliver. Ok, this wasn't the happy experience or service that i get from a private hospital. I was tied on the bed with the monitor for 1 hour, no body come to check on me in 2 hour, i wasn't told which bell to press for emergency, all the nurse seem "disappear"! I got down from the bed by un-detach the monitor and i started to walk in the room while chatting with my family. I need to inform them. Meanwhile i called my hubby asked him to be in the hospital as soon as possible, may be i am going to deliver anytime. I want him to be with me.

When sister Christine came and checked for me i asked to see Dr Narinder immediately as i can feel that my baby is coming very soon. She quickly call for Dr Narinder and asked her girl to change me. Can you imagine they are switching labour room for me and ask me to walk. I walk from room D to room C, by myself. Once i reach to room C, i "crawl" onto the bed and get myself changed. Actually i still wonder what position i should be in to deliver my baby. But the due to the strong contraction i was in the doggie position, so i just choose this position to deliver my child. It's too pain i can't even move my body or change my position by now!

Dr Narinder never expect i can be dilated from 3cm to 10cm in 2 hour time, including the water bag burst by itself. When the time he arrived and he want to checked on me how many cm already dilate, i remember i told him "Don't touch me!" Aiyo... the contraction so strong and you still want to check how many cm dilated... haha... and he really not touching me, but i gave him a big shock, i told him "I am going to push now!" Then just in 2 pushes, baby head is out, he told me in gentle "tell me when you have another contraction"... "is coming..." another 2 pushes my baby is out! "Turn yourself into position, i will pass you your baby."

OMG, my baby is on my arm now. Opened her eyes and just look at me. I just hated it when the nurse put the tube in her mouth and made her cry, have to do so because a lot of mucus in Tanz's mouth. The she is on my arm till my hubby arrived, that's after 25 minutes. I have to cut the umbilical cord by myself, Dr Narinder also laugh with me, i am the first mother who cut the baby's cord (feeling like cutting intestine!), that time the placenta already detached by itself and the palpitation already stopped.

When my hubby arrived everything already done. He missed it again. But three of us having great first hour to be together. Tanz even lick on my nipple before want to open her mouth to take her first taste of my milk. That's was the great moment in my life! (If i am getting no5, i want to be like that too...) until the midwife came in and told me that my baby in getting cold need to warm her up now. :P

Then i was told to wait again...... I found out that during that time Dr Heng's wife was in the labour room too... so i bet all the nurses were in that stupid labour room to entertain her and left me behind! Who is Dr Heng? one of the doctor in Island Hospital lo! Taking epidural and end up with vacuum lo... what's the point!? Again i gave a very bad feedback to Island Hospital lo.

No jab at all, baby and i free from all physical and chemical use. I think Tanz will have a better life!

As Island Hospital offering 3 days 2 nights package. I really had a nice rest before going home.

I am without any episiotomy done, and just a very minor tear. It's heal in 4 days! What a great!

To be continue.....

Thursday, 31 March 2011

Mann is going to 21 mths old lo!

This is me, Mann.

I love dye curry, same as Yang.

Mummy is back! Must try hard to open the door for mummy.

I am watching my favorite VCD, don't disturb me, please.

So lazy to update about her.

Finally, she is going to 21 mths on April 2011.

What she can do right now:

1) She started to talk. Calling everyone she know, basically Papa, Mama, 姐姐(elder sister), 哥哥 (elder brother), 阿嫲(grandma), 爷爷(grandpa), Wu Wu (Should be 叔叔,uncle), and 姨(auntie), including some basic words like 喝水(drink water), 要,不要(want or don't want),这个(This one),排(stacking blocks) ,开(Open or other meaning move, please),yiyi (dirty),坐(Sit),kaikai (walk walk),Hot, 擦(mop or wipe), etc. Still can hear she is in her own language.

2)She appreciated when anyone gave her somethings, she will say Xie Xie (Thank you.)

3)Love to sing. Every morning (when i am not at home), she will choose VCD and asked Ah Ma to play for her. And usually she only will sit there for maximum 15 minutes only, then it's become background music for her. She loves Chinese New Year song and Ai YoYo teacher teaching English VCD.

4)She can eat by herself now. She just loves soup. I don't mind she meshed up, i want her to be independent and enjoy every meal.

5)Still on cloth diaper. She still don't understand must use potty or go to toilet by herself. But she will pull the cloth diaper out when it's wet.

6)Loves to bath. Anytime and anytime also no problem.

7)She loves to smile to everyone. Especially her Chicky smile made everyone want to pitch her, this is what she hates!

8)Knowing that when daddy and mummy is going to work and when is the time to go walk walk.

9)Others than daddy and mummy, anyone change their cloth, she will grasp on that person leg or stand beside the door or bring her show to ask anyone to put on for her. Then she will started to wave bye bye to everyone.

10)She love to disturb Jing and Yang because she want to write or color too.

11) Loves story book especially those have a lot of words. She will point it and READ by herself i her own language.

12) She love to wear beautiful cloths. She will started to dance when i put on her a cloth that she never wear (usually belongs to other kid's cloth). She don't mind 2nd hand cloth,even when you told that the cloth belongs to A, B or C.

13) Loves to play with adults shoe. She will wear the shoe and walk the whole house, especially high heel with Kik Kok, Kik Kok sound.

14) By the way,she know how to unwear herself. She just follow what the elder do, including standing to pee because she saw how Yang's pee before.

15)Don't like sweet and sour things. She loves bitter food, especially bitter gound.

16) Still don't like to eat fruits except banana. Don't ask me why, i think because it's sweet. Luckily she loves to eat vegetables.

17)No more night drinks! Wa hoo!!! She can sleep from 930pm to 730am, only once in a week woke up at 530am to ask for milk only.

18) Still want her pacifier to go to bed. Very hard to wean it, but at least she is not looking for it whole day. Takes time.

Coming 13th April is her next check u p at Klinik Kesihatan Berapit. Want to know how she is now because almost 60% of her Chinese New Year cloths become so short.

God bless me to such a lovely daughter!

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

I am in Palms SportBars and Grills, Subang Skypark Airport Terminal 3!

It’s my first time in Subang Skypark Airport Terminal 3, taking my flight back to Penang. It’s Winter Festival tomorrow, I need to rush back even the meeting not yet finish. Sorry Dr Abu, family much more important.

After the long meeting, I left Institute Pengurusan Veterinar at Batu 11 Cheras at 515 pm and I reached here at 620pm. My flight is 930pm!! I need to wait till 8pm for check-in. What should I do to kill my time? Sit and read? Having a lonely long long dinner? (hope can get a handsome guy to accompany? Hahaha…) woo… there is a Bar and Grill to kill my time, listen to “live” song, enjoying my dinner but too bad can’t take any alcoholic drink.

I am in Palms SportBars and Grill; it’s located at near the arrival area, the last lot at the left. Very unique designs which not support appear in airport.

I ordered Cranberry juice and Black Pepper Chicken. The food was ok but I still can’t finish. Price is reasonable.

He is Mr Aziz, should be shop owner, I think. He can sing anytime he wants and can go in and out from the restaurant if he wants. He has a very nice voice and can play very good guitar! What a fabulous dinner for me. Ai… my darling not around…. If he’s with me, what a wonderful dinner for both of us.

So next time when you are here in Subang Skypark Airport Terminal 3, don’t forget to spend your time here.

Sunday, 19 December 2010

I am pregnant wt no4!

I should post it much more earlier,but don't have the mood the write a blog.

I noticed it when the morning sickness started to show. My period just skipped few days only so assumed due to stress,but who know the morning sickness gave me a big sign.

I was still on training when i started the vomiting show. Kept me run on and off to the toilet every half an hour! On that day too, i bought the cheapest pregnancy test kit from Guardian and tested it at 12 midnight, just can't wait til the next morning.
And IT"S POSITIVE! Can u see the clear 2 lines?

I knew my hubby won't be happy when i told him that i am pregnant again. He is the type don't like a lot of kids, but i love to have more kids. Still have informed him, he has the right! He was the one contributed half of the chromosome to form a life. Surprising, he gave me a green light!

It's also took me a few days of think before I informed my family, especially my mum. She didn't support her daughter to have a lot of kids too. Showing me sour face when i told her, what a bad reply to me! Others were so happy with the news.

I know, my mum just scared that i can't handle all 4 without a maid. I didn't plan to get a maid yet, at least is now. First,it's too costly. Second, can't guarantee can get a good one. But who know later on, i really need a maid. It's very hard to get a local maid as while. I wonder why local people not interest to be a daily maid.

Fetus is 11 weeks old now, and still giving the morning sickness! Hormone changing! AH......

Went to government hospital for the regularly checkup and everything OK. I also gatal-gatal check-up at private clinic, done the blood test too, and gave a big shock - my thyroxine is a bit high. Never done any blood test with the previous 3 on thyroxine so never know is it due to pregnant or my thyroxine already high before pregnant. I need to keep tracking on it. More works! Started the diet control from that day too,hope that can be normal after deliver.

I hope that this time I can have enough budget to deliver in private hospital because I want to kept the cord blood and umbilical cord. I think you have heard about CryoCordMSCs, not just collect the cord blood but the cell at umbilical cord can be culture and the usage is much more wide compare to cord blood. The technique not really mature yet, but in one day... It's expensive, but it's worst since my No.4 will be my last baby. Will find out more from them. Total for CryoCord plus private hospital deliver package, ~ RM15k!!! Need further discuss with hubby. All these budget not including confinement lady and dairy spends yet. Woo... not cheap ha, to have a baby.

When I informed my 3 kids about it, Jing not really happy with it. I knew she need to divide my love to her Again! Yang was the one exciting about it. Mann's still blur blur to what i am talking about. But Jing gave me a green light after 1 week and she hope that this time i can bring a brother to her. I hope so too.

I hope that i can have a boy this time. Then,it's will make up double good for me. hehe..